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micc 2 years ago
"Current Affairs
Photograph leads to major debate
Posted On January 12, 2019 - Updated 12 January, 2019 2:48pm

Matteo Menicocci is an Italian photographer and an LGBTIQ activist.

The photographer decided to work on a photographic project with the intention of provoking and at the same time raising awareness on the already existing gap between different beliefs and the dangerous sentiment of homophobia.

Menicocci got his inspiration after spending a holiday in Tel Aviv with his partner Riccardo. He explained that during their holiday they ended up victims of homophobia and were insulted on several occasions. Menicocci felt the need to publish a photo which promotes love and peace between sexes and religions. In the photograph Menicocci is seen wearing traditional Palestinian garb, whilst his partner Riccardo is wearing a Yarmulke, a Jewish symbol, and they are kissing each other.

The photographer said the photograph created a great furore, but he used it to deliver a clear message – that love leads to peace, and for this reason it cannot be judged in any way."