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Smartcom5 8 years ago
„A B-2 Spirit soars after a refueling mission over the Pacific Ocean on Tuesday, May 30, 2006.

The B-2, from the 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., is part of a continuous bomber presence in the Asia-Pacific region.“

… says photographer Staff Sgt. Bennie J. Davis III, U.S. Air Force
NiEmAnD 5 months ago

Neuer Tarnkappenbomber
US-Luftwaffe stellt "B-21 Raider" vor

Stand: 03.12.2022 08:03 Uhr

Die US-Luftwaffe hat ihren neuen Tarnkappenbomber vorgestellt. Der "B-21 Raider" soll für das Radar noch weniger sichtbar sein und ohne Besatzung fliegen können. Sein Name erinnert an einen Angriff im Zweiten Weltkrieg.

Der Name soll einen Oberstleutnant ehren


NiEmAnD 5 months ago

- In Stanley Kubrick's movie Dr. Strangelove, the notion of a "Bomber Gap" is parodied when the character of Buck Turgidson (a Pentagon general) declares that the US "must not allow a mineshaft gap" in discussing the use of mineshafts as nuclear fallout shelters.

- In Season 3, Episode 11 of U.S. television situation comedy That '70s Show, "Who Wants It More", Donna and Eric do a report in his bedroom for school on the arms race between the superpowers. After several "study breaks" in which they have sex, the two disagree over the "bomber gap." Donna incorrectly suggests that the Soviets started the arms race with the bomber gap; after Eric corrects her, she refuses further "study breaks."

NiEmAnD 5 months ago

The whole idea of a missile gap was parodied in the 1964 film Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb in which a doomsday device is built by the Soviets because they had read in The New York Times that the US was working along similar lines and wanted to avoid a "Doomsday Gap." As the weapon is set up to go off automatically if the USSR is attacked, which occurs as the movie progresses, the president is informed that all life on the surface will be killed off for a period of years. The only hope for survival is to select important people and place them deep underground in mine shafts until the radiation clears. The generals almost immediately begin to worry about a "mine shaft gap" between the US and Soviets. In reference to the alleged "missile gap" itself, General Turgidson mentions off-hand at one point that the United States actually has a five-to-one rate of missile superiority against the USSR. The Soviet ambassador himself also explains that one of the major reasons that the Soviets began work on the doomsday machine was that they realized that they simply could never match the rate of American military production (let alone outproduce American missile construction). The doomsday machine cost only a small fraction of what the Soviets normally spent on defense in a single year.

NiEmAnD 5 months ago


''Doolittle Raid ist die Bezeichnung eines Überraschungsangriffs der Luftstreitkräfte der US-Armee am 18. April 1942 auf Tokio. Diese Operation im Zweiten Weltkrieg während des Pazifikkriegs wurde nach ihrem militärischen Leiter Lieutenant Colonel James H. Doolittle benannt. Es war der erste Angriff auf die japanischen Heimatinseln in diesem Krieg und diente vor allem der psychologischen Kriegsführung.''

NiEmAnD 5 months ago

wir haben uns nach 1945 nie im frieden befunden - nur im kalten krieg mit seinen stellvertreterkriegen - auch nach 1990 ...
NiEmAnD 5 months ago
... wir befinden uns im kalten dritten weltkrieg, der nur wegen der abschreckung der nuklearwaffen nicht heiß wurde ...
NiEmAnD 5 months ago
... so was wie frieden oder gar welfrieden gab es nie in der menschlichen geschichte ...
NiEmAnD 5 months ago

... jungs, wir haben immer krieg gespielt ... nie frieden ...
NiEmAnD 5 months ago
... mädels, es gibt fast nur solche jungs ...

NiEmAnD 5 months ago
ihr werdet fast alle sterben ... mit den jungs, noch in diesem jahrhundert.

NiEmAnD 5 months ago
~ im bombenhagel, manche als bomberpilotin, in der hitze, manche als feuerwehrfrau, in den fluten, manche als kapitänin, in der männerwelt, manche mit penis ...