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Tags: Artillery Howitzer M109 Variant M109L52 155mm Gun Kanone 2nd Battery Arbusow 52th Artillery Regiment Turin Intervention CEU Kampfwertsteigerung Firing Shot Tank Panzerhaubitze War Field Scene Momentaufnahme Bullet Einsatz Snapshot War Projektil Krieg Moment Szenerie Military Art
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Smartcom5 9 years ago
„A couple of american-origin self-propelled 155mm italian howitzer artillery model M109, variant M109L52 from 2nd Battery "Arbusow", assigned to 52th Artillery Regiment "Turin" during a intervention, engaging enemy targets in support of an excercise, on October 30th, 2007.

The shown M109L52 variant, first revealed 2002, was joinly developed by Dutch firm RDM and German firm Rheinmetall.
As an Combat Efficiency Upgrade, the L52 version features the longer caliber L52-cannon as used in the German PzH 2000, replacing the former M126 series gun.
Thus enabling the use of MTLS ammunition of the PzH 2000.
In addition, improvements to the loading system were made, resulting in an increased rate of fire to 9–10 rds/min, outclassing the original 3 rds/min.“

… says private photographer Totonninix
Banana 9 years ago
Gz zu 500 btw =)
Smartcom5 9 years ago