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04. Nov 2013 16:13
Tags: Lion Epic Shot Spot Africa Safari Big Cat Scene Wasser Botswana Carnivore Duba Plains Lioness Okavango Delta Focus Szenerie Lake See Predator Running Splash Nature Water Moment Wallpaper Löwe
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Smartcom5 9 years ago
„An image from one of the Duba Plains Photo Safaris i led this year for ODP Safaris.
In true Duba style and early one morning we saw this young lioness and her pride already after the buffalo, here we witnessed her charging through the water towards the buffalo as she sees a young calf lagging behind, unfortunately for her some of the herd bulls spoiled her attempt and kept her at a safe distance away from the herd and the calf until the had regrouped.

Duba Plains, Okavango Delta, Botswana“

… says photographer Brendon Cremer